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Countax Spares

Countax Spares

Countax spare parts

Countax 20869502 Deck Drive Pulley

Countax 5 inch pulley with keyway Fits cutter shafts Part number 20869502 …


Countax 32702500 Steering Arm

Countax Steering Arm 10mm hole for steering joint Part Number 32702500


Countax 32709101 Powered Collector Pulley

Countax PGC pulley and shaft assembly single bearing type for older models. Part number 327091…


Countax 228000801 Belt Internal 44 Mulch Deck

Countax internal drive belt for 44 inch mulching deck Old part number 228000800 New part numbe…


Countax 228000500 Belt Internal 38 Mulch Deck

Countax internal drive belt for 38 inch mulching deck Part number 228000500 …


Countax 228000100 Belt Engine - 36 HGM

Countax belt engine to 36 inch high grass mulcher deck  Part number 228000100  …


Countax 208000400 PTO Pulley

Countax PTO pulley fits under the seat to drive powered grass collector or powered scarifier. Als…


Countax 44812900 Ignition Switch

Countax Ignition switch fits all models except tractors with starter button. Please check lay…


Countax 448009402 Dashboard Printed Circuit Board

Countax dashboard PCB to fit A Series & C series tractors manufactured between September 2002 &a…


Countax 448010100 Printed Circuit Board D18-50

Countax PCB to fit D18-50 tractor manufactured between March & December 2003. Fits under battery…


Countax 448014800 Printed Circuit Board K18-50

Countax PCB to fit K18-50 tractor manufactured between March 03 and April 04. Fits under battery tra…


Countax 448015400 Dashboard PCB

Countax dashboard PCB to fit D18-50 from March to December 2003 and K18-50 between March 03 to April…